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Whissendine CE Primary School

Caring and Daring

Some of the daring and caring members of our community have come to see us - scroll down to see who ....
PC Laurie Appleton and PC Joe Lloyd
This afternoon PC Laurie Appleton and PC Joe Lloyd came in to chat with us about their work!  We thought of lots of good questions (see the list).  Laurie told us that he is the policeman for 27 villages and his main priority was to keep us all safe. We saw all of his 'tools of the trade' and even held and tried on some of it!  It was all very exciting - riot helmet, walkie talkie, camera, handcuffs, fast straps and more.  However, Laurie told us that his best tools when out and about were his ears for listening to people and his words to communicate with people.  

saying goodbye - the siren was very loud!

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Dr Brown - the vet
Dr Brown came to see us this morning with one of her dogs, Perdy.  She had lots of very interesting equipment to show us!  A test tube with a blood sample from a horse (one of her patients), some syringes, plastic gloves of various sizes (for various jobs), a stethoscope (which we used to hear Perdy's heart beat), a scanner for checking a dogs microchip, soft and elastic bandages (to try out on the ever patient Perdy), a thermometer and an ophthalmoscope (for checking eyes).  All of which inspired some wonderful questions! What a brilliant experience - from the discussions that followed I think we may have some budding vets!
Martin the Librarian
When the Rutland library van came to visit we took the opportunity to pop on board and ask Martin the librarian a few questions.  We were very interested to see how he scanned our books onto his computer to keep a record of which ones we had borrowed. We also found out about how he chose the books for the van and where they came from.  
Mrs Buxton the midwife

Lots of questions today for Mrs Buxton the midwife.  Why do you check the baby? How do you travel to see the baby and mummy? How big are babies when they are born? When do babies grow legs?  

Mrs Buxton had lots of equipment with her, stethoscope, weighing scales, measuring tape, blood pressure monitor and a sonicaid (to listen to the baby's heart beat).  We were fascinated to see the model of a baby at 20 weeks old and then at full term of 40 weeks and putting balls in order of size gave us some idea of just how much a baby grows!

Dr Hirani - the doctor
Today Dr Hirani came to see us.  Luckily Fred the skeleton was also here so she could use him to talk about different parts of the body.  We talked about how we can look after ourselves by eating healthily, drinking plenty of water, taking exercise and getting lots of sleep.  Dr Hirani had lots of equipment with her and showed us how she could use it to check if there was a problem with different parts of our body.  We also tried out the airflow monitor, oximeter and the blood pressure cuff!  Lots of questions today for our daring and caring member of the community.
Steve the paramedic
Steve came to see us this afternoon.  We were very interested in his job as a paramedic, had lots of questions to ask and were fascinated with the equipment he showed us from a bottomless black bag.   We saw a stethoscope, oximeter, blood pressure monitor, orascope, laryngoscope, thermometer, nebulizer, aspirator, neck collar and regular bandages.  Steve talked us through why he would need each piece of equipment.  Some of us even got to be the patient.  


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